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Rover 25 / 200 Series Sunroof Repair

Head Linning Damp or Leaky !


Seats / Carpets Wet !

Please Note, We have seen Diy project repairs were gaffer tape, Silicone Sealents and such like have been used to attempt water leak repairs, In most cases These Methods do not Work!!.

At Sunroof Repair UK, With over 20 years experience within the Automotive Glass And Sunroof Industry.

Experienced Technicians And Sealant Products/Primmers We have Grown to Trust.

We Guarantee All Our Work On Rover Sunroof repairs.

Servicing The Automotive Glass and Sunroof Industry Since 1987

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Rover 200 Series suffer from rusty framework and seals come loose Causing Water to Leak Inside the vehicle, Although these sunroof units are no longer available to buy New, We are able to Repair these units in most cases.


We replace your old sunroof glass unit with a refurbished glass unit.


This work can be done at your Home or place of work and completed within 30 minuites,


After completion the overall apperance of the sunroof will be greatley improved, With the added extra of NO MORE WATER LEAK!.

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Rover Sunroof Repair Complete.

Day In The Life Of Sunroof Repairs And Windscreen Replacements

Hi there.

Just wanted to say how impressed I was at the speed and efficiency  with which you fixed my cars leaky sunroof. What also impressed me was the fact that you showed me the problem and explained how you would fix it, and all with a friendly , courteous manner too. Thank you so much for giving back to me my favourite car. M.Stevens


The Cost!


Rover 200 Series Supply/Fit Refurbished Sunroof Unit at a Total cost of £155 with original seal, or £195 With New Seal.

With 12 Months Guarantee And Mobile Service to your home or place of Work to most areas of the UK.  Continue to contact us or book online


            Limited Stock Availability!!  Text/Call 07706 019948

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