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Renault clio manual Sunroof Repair

Fully Mobile Service Available To Most Ares Of The UK

The last thing you want is a leaking sunroof, so as soon as you discover a problem it is important to find the right Sunroof Repair Services, the leak is only going to get Worse....

Servicing The Automotive Glass and Sunroof Industry Since 1987

The Renault Clio Sunroof Repair, Click Images For Larger View

Here We Have A Clio With The Sunroof Glass Removed With The Seal Exposed.(image 1, 2)
Many People Think The Seal Is The Cause Of The Leak!
This Usually Is Not The Case,
These Seals Normally Just Need A Clean And Re Lubricating, If Water Gets Through The Seal There Are 2 Drains Tubes Situated At The Front Of The Frame Which Water Drains Through.(image 3, 5, 7) These Drain tubes Sometimes Block With Leaves/Dirt, Drains Are Checked And Unblocked At Time Of Job.

Next We Have The Sunroof Frame Removed From the Car (image 6, 7), This Is Were Most Of The Water Leak Problems Are!  The Frame Removed, We See The Old Body Seal Attached To The Bodywork (image 3, 5), ( This Is The Seal That Perishes Allowing Water To Get Into The Car! ) This Car Had Only A mInor Water Leak Problem And Was Caught Early, In Lots Of Cases This Body seal Will Be Broken Up And Detached From The Body. We Can See Dirt Around The Frame, This Is Were Water As Been getting Through The Frame.

Finally We See The Finished Project ! (image 8, 9, 10)

Glass Seal Cleaned And Re Lubricated.
Frame Cleaned And Re Sealed (Water Leak Main Problem Solved )
Drains Checked And Unblocked.

All Parts Put Back Together With Car Left Clean And Roof Polished.

Please Note, We have seen Diy project repairs were gaffer tape, Silicone Sealents and such like have been used to attempt water leak repairs, In most cases These Methods do not Work!!.

At Sunroof Repair UK, With over 20 years experience within the Sunroof Industry.

Experienced Technicians And Sealant Products/Primmers We have Grown to Trust.

We Guarantee All Our Work On Renault Clio Sunroof repairs.

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Hi Tony!


I just would like to say thank you for a quick and perfect job! I highly recomend for everyone1 Top class!!!


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See The Renault Clio manual sunroof Water Leak Repair Video On

Just wanted to drop you a txt and say thanks again for the sunroof today. You've even sorted out the annoying squeak that's been driving me mad for months ! Thanks again and will definitely be recommending you.


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Renault Clio Manual Sunroof water leak repair at a Total cost of £145, With 12 Months Guarantee And Mobile Service to your home or place of Work to most areas of the UK.  Continue to contact us or book online



             Lancashire Area From £85.00

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